Sunday, September 23, 2012

I <3 Me, You Should Too

After finding the courage to write my first blog I asked myself, where do I go from here? I decided that it would be nice for all of you to know: How In The World Can You Gain 100lbs???

Let me start by telling you a little story...  Amazingly, through Facebook, I reunited with a high school friend (I'll leave her name anonymous until she is ready to tell you her story) and, to my surprise, she was struggling with weight gain as well. We were on the same boat. I couldn't believe someone, close to me, could understand exactly what I was going through.

Via text messages we began to share our dirty little secrets: what we ate when "no one was looking":

Full bags of cheesy or ranch Doritos with mild cheddar cheese dip
20 chicken nuggets with a small cheeseburger on the side and a DIET COKE (of course)
My old time favorite- (4) 16oz glasses of chocolate milk made with Nestle Quick (5 spoons full) daily

... Yeah, you know... those munchies, comfort food, "gustitos".... They start as a small snack and they end up consuming every one of your thoughts. Then, you start lying to yourself- "It's only one time", "This is the last time", "I am not going to gain weight for doing this just once in a blue moon".. lies and excuses go on and on until you step on the scale and SURPRISE.... Now it's all gotten out of hand!

You may ask yourselves, were both these girls involved in unhappy marriages? Were they verbally or physically abused by their husbands? What's the reason? What's the excuse?

Well, that's the thing. we both have very supportive loving husbands. Not one of us was living in an "unhappy" marriage. What we both understood, as we decided to get healthy and take control of our lives, is that there should be no reasons, no excuses, no whys to allow oneself get this way. Your love for yourself has to be greater than your love for your significant other, greater than the love for your kids, greater than your love for FOOD.

This great friend of mine has lost over sixty-some pounds. She even texted me that she is finally 1 pound lighter than her husband. For us that is HUGE. (I am still waiting to be able to text her back the same great news about myself!!) Our husbands have joined us both. They have lost a bunch of weight as well even though they may have not been "over weight". We have been blessed with a support system that consists of family and friends... BUT we cannot depend entirely on them. This is OUR battle. This is OUR journey. This is OUR responsibility. No one else is responsible for eating or not eating that damn fried chicken but us!!! Now we know!!!

Is there anything in your life that you know is not good for you? Do you smoke to "calm your nerves" or "to go to the bathroom"? (Yeah, I used that excuse before), Do you drink excessively to "forget about your problems"?,  Do you eat "for comfort", or maybe because it "brings the family together"?   Those things we think help us get through life struggles are really killing us.  Those are the silent killers we need to get out of our lives IMMEDIATELY!!! Not because society tells you to. Not because there is a non smoking sign in a restaurant. Not because you need to save money and booze and cigarettes are too expensive.... You must do it for YOU! Because you know they are not good for YOU!

Who am I doing this for? MYSELF!! Because I love ME. Because I want to enjoy MY life next to the people that LOVE ME. Because I want to be a good example to MY son!

Put yourself first! It's so much easier when you do things for the right reasons!!!



  1. Very good stuff Larissa. This blog will help you hold yourself accountable to all the people who read the blog. I think it was Martin Luther who said, "Our hearts are an idol factory." We are always trying to find peace, joy, security in something else than Christ. And we can even look for it in food. We are all broken. We all have our own things we chase after. That is why everyday we have a reason to run to the Lord for forgiveness and strength. Everyone has a reason to "take up his cross" and follow the Lord. As your pastor I will continue to support you and pray for you everyday.

  2. Gracias Pastor Ben!!! Phil. 4:13 - Ese siempre sera mi motor. Aun en los dias dificiles!!! I will do this.